Overview of the Center

 The Advanced Chemical Energy Research Center is established at the Institute of Advanced Sciences. The Center has the following two research labs within it, one led by the research group responsible for hydrogen energy-related materials and technologies, and one led by the research group in charge of energy-storage-related materials and devices. The labs conduct research activities in collaboration with researchers within and outside of the Institute of Advanced Sciences

  1. Green Hydrogen Research Laboratory

  2. Advanced Energy-Storage Research Laboratory

 The Green Hydrogen Research Laboratory is responsible for research into the production of hydrogen through hydrolysis and the materials for fuel cells powered by hydrogen, and conducts research in core technologies for the construction of the coming “hydrogen-energy based economy.” The Advanced Energy-Storage Research Laboratory conducts research into materials and devices of the batteries and capacitors for electric automobiles and for storage of renewable energy. The two laboratories were established with the goal of working in concert to make society sustainable.