ACERC International mini-Symposium(2022/9/29)
"Electromaterials and Systems"

On September 29, 2022, the ACERC will be hosting a mini-symposium on "Electromaterials and Systems" as part of its international outreach activities to promote the wide range of research and technological development initiatives promoted by the ACERC. The symposium will introduce the cutting-edge research activities and future prospects of the ACERC's leading researchers, and will also feature presentations by Distinguished Professor Douglas MacFarlane, Research Fellow Karoline Matuszek from Monash University (Australia) and Assistant Professor Hiroki OTA from Yokohama National University's Faculty of Engineering. The symposium will also overview the global trend of advanced chemical energy research and discuss its practical application.


ACERC mini Symposium Flyer

How to apply

Please complete the registration form at the link below. All the applicants will receive a link to view the archived recording at a later date. Please also note that the registration site may be closed without prior notice once the number of applicants reaches the capacity of the venue.

ACERC mini-Symposium”Electromaterials and Systems”registration form


This symposium will be held at Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan. Live streaming is not available.